i changed blogs

sunby is now at galactas

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after a couple of weeks thinking about this i finally decided to do it. you know this is actually my second blog, i made it because i didn’t want my first blog to become a multifandom mess n stuff… but after a little more than a year i can tell you that it’s really tiring to change blogs all the time o<-< plus, i’m not here very often lately.

so here’s the deal: i’m mixing my two blogs YEAHHH IT’LL BECOME A MESSY MULTIFANDOM BLOG I KNOW but it’l be so much easier for me if i just keep all of my fandoms in just one blog… i hope you understand it. besides, it's my blog i shouldn't feel embarressed about it. even if it is a multifandom mess.

i’ll be @ galactas from now on (it used to be my first blog, lebaeu). some of you may be reading this as (quoting someone) “should i turn my doctor who blog into a woohyun blog yes or yes”.

if you don’t want to follow me in there it’s totes fine, of course.

so… that’s it!! thank you for your time and sorry for all the fuss.

“i was in a mood to destroy something beautiful.”

- leti